Let’s face it Passover 2020

Ever wonder how to keep the kids entertained during the Passover holiday. Let’s face it Passover 2020 is about to arrive, and you are either spending it at home or at one of those new mansion programs or at one of the many worldwide kosher Passover programs.

Either way you spend the holiday you need to recognize hat your kids are going to disconnect for a few hours or a few days depending upon your level of commitment to the holiday. So what to do?

I like to think like Mary Poppins or Savta Simcha and have a very large majical ag filled with toys and tricks.

So this is what I found today:

Let My People Go! Passover Game
• FUN PASSOVER GAME! Get out of Egypt quickly! Move your pieces around the board on the journey from exodus to freedom.
• GREAT FOR ALL AGES! This fun and educational game will keep kids of all ages occupied for hours on end!
• GAME INCLUDES: Passover Game Board, Passover die, 16 game pieces (4 of each color)
• 2 – 4 PLAYERS. Up to 4 players move their pieces around the board on the journey to freedom
• PASSOVER THEMED FUN! Attractive artwork and a unique Passover-themed die add to the fun this game provides for Passover and all year round! Makes the perfect holiday gift.

Rite -Lite Judaica Passover Ten Plagues Mask
• Fun and Educational
• Includes one mask for each of the 10 Plagues
• Passover Fun
• Includes 10 masks-one for each Plague
• Fun and Educational
• Includes 10 masks–one for each Plague
• Fun and Educational
Rite Lite Passover Flip Frogs, 8 count

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